Radosław Chmura  Law and Patent Office
Registered European and Polish Patent, Design and Trademark Attorneys & Intellectual Property Advisors
  Radosław Chmura Law and Patent Office

is a synonym for complex advice in the field of intellectual property rights. Due to tight cooperation with outstanding experts, we are able to ensure services of highest quality. We believe that the basis of fruitful cooperation with our clients will invariably be: mutual trust, competence, solidarity and our specialized and deep knowledge.

Those very same principles accompany cooperation among our employees. We are constantly at our clients' disposal in the office and in meeting their needs, we always offer personal contact. We ensure advisory services provided by trustworthy professionals, also in English and German, adjusted to your individual needs.

Our competence is confirmed by numerous publications in the field of intellectual property rights. We actively take part in seminars, professional trainings and conferences.

Our services are provided in Polish, German and English.


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